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​Board Directors

Sam Ho.jpg

Director - Mr Sam Ho Wai-hung

Mr Sam HO Wai-hung is the Managing Director of International Federation Against Copyright Theft (Greater China) Limited. 


Sam Ho established the MPA’s Hong Kong Anti-Piracy Program in February 1997 and was appointed to be the Managing Director and General Manager of the Hong Kong Office until September 2018. Ho assists the Regional President and Senior Regional Executives to provide logistic and technical supports to the MPA’s Programs in China and Taiwan.


On October 1, 2018, Ho is appointed as the Managing Director of International Federation Against Copyright Theft (Greater China) Limited.  His social services include:


  • Founder and Hon. President, International Federation Of Creativity And Technology Limited (IFOCAT);

  • Vice-Chairman (Supervisory), Movie Producers and Distributors Association Limited of Hong Kong (MPDA);

  • Founding Member and Hon. Treasurer, Hong Kong Creative Industries Association Limited (HKCIA);

  • Director, Intellectual Property Right Protection Alliance Limited (IPRPA) and

  • Hon. Life Member, Taiwan Movie Production and Promotion Association (TMPPA).


Ho holds two MBA degrees from Newport University and is also the Life Member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (USA). He served in the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police as a Chief Inspector for nearly three decades.  


Ho is a frequent speaker at IPR seminars and symposiums. He is based in Hong Kong. 

理事 - 何偉雄先生




在二O一八年十月, 何君被任命為國際版權保護協會(大中華區)有限公司常務董事。其他義務工作包括:

  • 國際創意及科技總會發起人及名譽會長;

  • 香港電影製作及發行協會副監事長;

  • 香港創意工業協會發起人及義務司庫;

  • 知識產權保護大聯盟有限公司董事 和

  • 台灣電影製作發展協會終身榮譽會員。



Michael Kwan.jpg
Director - Mr Michael Kwan

Mr Michael Kwan is a retired Superintendent of the Customs & Excise Department. He was responsible for intellectual property protection and has set up the Computer Forensics Laboratory and the Electronic Crime Investigation Centre during his career in the Customs. After retiring from the government, Michael joined the Motion Picture Association from Sep 2014 to Sep 2018 as the Regional Director of Technology. Currently, Michael is the CEO of the Asia Pacific Internet Centre Limited, the General Manager of the Sinofaith IP (Asia Pacific) Limited, and the Senior IP Enforcement Advisor of the Television Broadcasts Limited.


In the academic and professional fronts, Michael has obtained a BSc degree in Computer Science, MSc in Forensic Investigation, MSc in Telecommunications. He also awarded with a PhD degree from the University of Hong Kong. His research area is on cybercrime investigations and digital forensics. Michael is currently tutoring at the Department of Computer Science of HKU and the HKU SPACE. Since Jan 2019, Michael is appointed as a member of the Law Reform Commission Sub-committee on cybercrime. He is also a Founding Member of the Information Security & Forensics Society in Hong Kong.

Jo Jo So.jpeg

Director - Ms JoJo So

理事 - 蘇又萍女士

Tam Yiu Keung.jpg

Director - Mr Tam Yiu Keung

Mr Tam Yiu-keung was the Assistant Commissioner of Customs. He joined the Hong Kong Customs in 1980 and retired in September 2013.


During his 33 years in Hong Kong Customs, Mr Tam was mainly responsible for various criminal law enforcement duties in the customs. He has been involved in the protection of intellectual property rights for a long time. He has accumulated rich experience in law enforcement work against various infringements and counterfeiting and sales activities. Actively participate in the formulation of policies and laws related to intellectual property protection, and represent Hong Kong Customs many times in international or regional conferences, and have been invited to speak at various training courses or seminars organized by overseas law enforcement agencies or industry organizations.

On the other hand, during his tenure as Assistant Commissioner of Customs, Mr Tam was committed to promoting intelligence exchanges and law enforcement cooperation between the customs of the Mainland and Hong Kong and enhanced the two places to combat cross-border criminal activities, including cross-border drug trafficking activities, smuggling activities and infringement of intellectual property rights. It has participated in directing the cooperation between the customs of the two places and successfully detected many major smuggling cases.

Mr Tam was awarded the Hong Kong Customs car Distinguished Service (C.D.S.M.) in 2004 and 2009, respectively, in recognition of his contributions to the Hong Kong Customs.

理事 - 譚耀強先生





Thomas Tang1.jpg

Director - Mr Thomas Tang

Mr Thomas Tang Wing-hung is the Founder and Director of Rightman Publishing Limited and elected to be the Vice-President of Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation, the Vice-President of The Hong Kong Tradebook Publishing Association, the Director of Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society and the Founding Member of Hong Kong Creative Industries Association.  Mr Tang has been working for various universities, TV stations, radio stations, magazines and newspapers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. In 1994, he formed a publishing company, “Rightman Publishing Limited”, and now is a well-known publisher of the comics publications, travel guide books, storybooks and children books and magazines in Hong Kong.

​理事 - 鄧永雄先生


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